Islamic Center of Brushy Creek

Austin Peace Academy
Austin Peace Academy is a nationally accredited, full-time Islamic school located in Austin, Texas, providing high quality education to each student in an Islamic environment. APA aims to prepare its students for a life of academic success, personal fulfillment, and service and leadership to the community. The school sets high standards for academic achievement and honorable behavior in line with Islamic principles and values. APA is committed to maintaining an environment that enables our students to achieve intellectual as well as spiritual growth.



Darul Uloom Austin (DUA)
The mission of Darul Uloom Austin is to seek the pleasure of Allah by preparing our youth to become Hafiz-ul-Qur’an and in future, Muslim scholars, who would become the flag bearers of Islam and achieve success in this life and the hereafter. We endeavor to provide the necessary environment, education and upbringing to each student.




Renaissance Academy
The Mission of Renaissance Academy is to graduate students with academic excellence, leadership skills and distinguished moral principles who contribute to society and fully live the values of Islam.Vision
Renaissance Academy graduates will play a leading role in American society.